Life-Personal Growth

My name is Travis Daigle. I’m a Speaker, Writer, and Former US Army Green Beret.

I believe Personal Ownership is The Most Important Skill in Life! I teach that skill through speaking, writing, and all my online content.

I grew up an obese kid. I got abused, bullied, and for years I struggled with confidence. However, I somehow learned to face obstacles head-on and take personal ownership for who I was and who I wanted to become. As an adult, I became a US Army Green Beret and Combat Veteran by applying the mental lessons I learned from battling and overcoming those challenges:

I talk through some of that journey in this 2018 TEDxTacoma Talk:

In the time between losing all that weight and becoming a Green Beret, I earned an Engineering Degree, quit Engineering, battled financial meltdown, lost important relationships, lost faith, and a host of other challenges. Since leaving the military I have worked to try to convey the lessons learned from that time and the things I continue to learn about taking personal ownership and doing hard things in life… like competing in my first Amateur MMA Fight at 39 y.o. :

And I look forward to Fighting Past 40 in all aspects of life!

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